Big boss man

Deservingly, Social Studies of Science is the top journal in History and Philosophy of Science in Web of Science’s Journal Citation Reports (Social Science edition, impact factor 1.651 in 2007). It is the journal of the 4S (The Society for Social Studies of Science) — the “S pun” goes as high as 6, with the Society for Social Studies of Science Student Section.

The journal’s latest call for papers is on the subject of “Privatizing Science: new commercial ways of knowing.” It reads:

The authors of these studies tend to polarize into what Mirowski has called the Economic Whigs – promoting technology transfer and public/private partnerships – and the Mertonian Tories – sounding the alarm bell to protect the norms of science while preaching a return to the supposed Mertonian Golden Age.

That’s right, Mirowski. The editors of the special issue will be Rebecca Lave (Indiana University), Samuel Randalls (University College London) and Philip Mirowski (Notre Dame).

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the enfant terrible of the history of economics became the gatekeeper of the economics of knowledge?

P.S. In the video Hayek turns up at 6:32, Phil at 8:40.

One thought on “Big boss man

  1. That’s the TV version of “Machine Dreams” ! I’ve always wondered how Phil’s book would sound like and in my head it sounded a lot like the Star Wars soundtrack – especially the Empire theme. The result is very close to what I have in mind and the “plot theory” is much more impressive on screen !!

    More seriously, I wonder if OUR Phil Mirowski is different from THEIR Phil Mirowski. To me, he seems less provocative and much more ashamedly political in the documentary (though the message is the same) than when he speaks before Steve Medema and Dan Hammond.
    The other question I ask myself is how his research is used by sociologists. I remember reading a book called The Politics of Method in The Human Sciences which is edited by George Steinmetz, and thinking that the historical part of Mirowski’s work is pushed in the background, to say the least.

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