Big boss man

Deservingly, Social Studies of Science is the top journal in History and Philosophy of Science in Web of Science’s Journal … More


Biotechnologies reshape our relation to “nature”. All sorts of living organisms are engineered and marketed, it is now almost trivial … More

Note keeping

Yesterday, I saw a talk by Hans-Jorg Rheinberger, Director of the MPIWG. The title was “The Economy of the Scribble.” … More


In February 1973, Paul Volcker announced a 10% depreciation of the dollar. It was the second such move in less … More

The purpose of a blog

A prerequisite for academic quality is an environment of researchers that more or less conduct the same kind of research. … More

The publisher

Paul Samuelson’s Economics sold up to 70,000 copies in its first year, in under two decades a million. If economics … More