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I was just amused with two projects by Shaun Usher: to “gather and sort fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and … More

Shawmut Follies (1967)-Part I.

Featuring: King Arthur: Frank Fisher Merlin: Robert Bishop Herald: Robert Eckaus First peasant: Cary Brown Second peasant : Tapley Sir … More

What would Ysidro do?

  In a 1950 paper, Paul Samuelson wrote: The most rational man I ever met, whom I shall call Ysidro … More

Which economic education?

A small sample of exam subjects given by “great economists” between 1928 and 1960. To be compared with the subjects … More

Mon cher Baumol

In his correspondance with Jimmie Savage and Will Baumol in the early 1950s, Maurice Allais would write in French and … More

Is it time?

More random thoughts about the wikileaks cablegate Of course, there are all these discussions about the consequences of such disclosure … More