Mini-Symposium in Brazil, 20-21 Aug. 2010

On August 20-21 the Department of Economics at Universiy of São Paulo will host a mini symposium on the history of postwar economics. Three renowned scholars on the subject will give a talk at this event: E. Roy Weintraub (Duke University), Mary Morgan (LSE and University of Amsterdam) and Marcel Boumans (University of Amsterdam). They will interact with the community of local scholars and students—and I truly hope the students will see how interesting this subject is…

As I know that everybody is waiting to come to Brazil only in 2014 (wiser people would come now and in 2014, at least…), I am working on having it streamed live on internet and recorded (the videos will be freely available on internet afterwards). For further information on this recording (to be posted later) and for further details about the event, please check the symposium webpage at:

One thought on “Mini-Symposium in Brazil, 20-21 Aug. 2010

  1. I tried to watch it, but maybe i came too early or too late… I just thought it appropriate to watch Roy, Mary and Marcel on my laptop in the beach.

    Beach-bum T.

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