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Economics Job Market Rumors has asked the question “No Professors Hired in History of Economic Thought”, see here. Folks, I am guessing non HET people which also need jobs, are surprisingly charitable.

3 thoughts on “In the news

  1. Well, “No professors hired in HET” is hardly a question, but I’m a living example of this movement.

  2. Very interesting! I found one particular comment intriguing, especially if the anonymous writer were a theorist:
    “There is a funny line between what is current and what is “history.” Sure, Adam Smith and Ricardo and Malthus and Mill and Marx and Walras and Marshall and so on are “history.” What about Keynes? Well, yes. What about Samuelson? What about Arrow-Debreu GET, given that Arrow is still alive? Or game theory, given that Nash and Selten are still alive? When does their work become “history”?

    So, Barbie Doll here, was glad to see Lucas trash Keynes. But Lucas has now apologized for not being able to explain doodley-squat about what has happened recently. Does this make Lucas’s early work “history”? Is Keynes more current? Or does one need to understand how Lucas misinterpreted Walras when he created a supposedly “general equilibrium” micro foundation for macro? What of all this is “history” and what is not?”

  3. I believe from the quotes above that what economists call “history” is what is false, whereas what is true is considered as “current”. Then, what kind of institution would hire someone to teach his students false ideas, or (worst) to teach his students that current ideas are false ? This way of presenting the issues at stake is just appalling.

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