Getting younger and younger

In the last few, summer, months I have been an unreliable blogger. It is going to get worse. One good reason is that I have set up a new blog that requires my attention.

For 7 weeks in September and October, I teach a class titled generically “History and Methodology of Economics”, which I have ambitiously re-named as “the politics of economics.” The course reviews literature on the place and role of economists in contemporary society from an historical standpoint. Because one of my goals for the class is to develop appreciation for the multiple interpretations of which economics is subjected to, and to the multiple uses given to economic ideas in public life, I asked them to participate in a course-blog. This will be 10% of their final grade. Their task is capture commentary on economics or uses of economics in unexpected places, notably in mass culture.


From my brief, hands in the air, survey, nearly none of the students had experience with the blogging form. So they are learning not only about the practice of observing economics in its historical drift, but also about expressing themselves in a blogging setting. I leave you here an invitation to visit, to comment and to encourage on “Observing Economics“.

2 thoughts on “Getting younger and younger

  1. Nice initiative, Tiago!

    A remark: I can’t see the signature of who wrote the blog entries. Even if it were just nicknames, instead of real student names, it would help me establish a kind of connection with the writer. Instead of having the feeling that it is an “anonymous classroom” writing.

    Anyway, nice!

    1. It was not planned as such. I happen to have picked a template that is mostly anonymous. I then decided against looking for another template because some students showed concern about having their name online, and in the future having it scanned by future employers. So I am guessing some will use nicks, and will want to be discreet.

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