Blog think @ ASSA 2009

bloggerscycle-xOn Saturday, first day of the ASSA meetings, Tim Kane, blogger at Growthology hosted a lunch for economist bloggers. The list of the invited and the conclusions of the meeting can be read here. The History of Economics Playground was not invited. Had it been, it would have kept its head down trying to stay away from crossfire. Because I had left my “blue helmet” at home and was giving a paper at the same time, I was not prone to crash the party.

The conversation during and after brings out some interesting threads. Looking at Marginal Revolution, economist bloggers worry about think tank and ideological takeover and whether blogging will ever count as tenure worthy publication.

The effort of the Kauffman Foundation, shared by the participants, is to reflect on blogging practice. They hold the belief that the medium is still developing and innovation is desirable. Notably, they looked on to the editorial practices of the “oldie” Slashdot, and noted that most of the action in blogs happens tucked away in the comments sections.

From my own experience I agree that the social/collaborative dimension is the one with the greatest potential to change, to improve and to make a profound intellectual impact.


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