Workshop: History of economics as culture (Histoire des savoirs économiques)

This is to announce that I intend to organize on the behalf of the H2S (History of Social Science) group a one-day workshop called “History of economics as culture (Histoire des savoirs économiques)” to be held Friday 6 February 2009 in Paris (exact location to be disclosed later). The intention is to bring together scholars from different disciplines to discuss from an historical vantage point, the place of economics in our culture. Below are some suggestions of topics that exemplify what is at issue:

– To consider the interactions betwwen art, literature and economics;

– To discuss the interactions between cultural or artistic objects such as magazines, books, maps, photographs, paintings, graphs and economic thinking;

– To consider economics as part of culture (political, commercial, scientific, etc.) of past (including very recent past) societies.

The workshop will comprise of 5 or 6 papers containing genuine unpublished research. I have already solicited a few papers but I have room for two or three more papers. If you have an interest in these topics, please send me a proposal or no more than 500 words (in English) or a draft paper of what you want to present before the end of november at this address: Preference will be given to non-economists ‘ proposals.

Finally, for those who are interested by the topic but will not be able to submit a proposal this year, it is my intention to make this workshop an annual gathering so keep in touch.


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