A meaningful absence ?

I remember that a few years ago (five or so), I was in the ENS library, perusing Mark Blaug’s Who’s Who in Economics, randomly searching for various economists and reading the related entries. I was mainly looking for contemporary French economists, because I was interested in knowing who were those who gained recognition among the international economics’ profession. Jean-Jacques Laffont, a professor from Toulouse who is now deceased, was among them. But apart from that French thing, one fact stroke me at the time: Paul Krugman was not in the book.

Any explanation for that ?


6 thoughts on “A meaningful absence ?

  1. I have two possible explanations:
    – Mark Blaug is a Republican by heart.
    – Who’s who in economics was hastily produced because it was essentially a profit-driven venture and is not reliable as an academic source.
    I prefer the first possibility because it would give anyone the occasion to reflect on how politics invades the academia, but as Blaug is not american, I think the second one might be more likely…

  2. Another possibility is that Blaug knows The History of the Econoimc and judged Krugman’s contributions as centuries old when he wrote them.

  3. Krugman did not bother to reply to Mark Blaug’s questionnaire. Appendix 4 of the third edition (1999) lists Krugman as one of 80 economists ‘who failed to return their form even after a second or third contact.'(p. 1237) Only biographical entries of deceased economists were written by Mark. Krugman is, unsurprisingly, listed in the fourth edition (2003), but again without any details.

  4. Simple, but interesting … seems that the guy does not want to publicize much, outside of his numerous best sellers and NYT columns. Or maybe, he sees himself as a “maverick” within the economics profession (which does not mean he is … see the other wannabe “maverick” in the current affairs).
    Subsidiary question : do you have to pay to be in the Who’s who ?

  5. Although the fourth edition witnessed a significant change in the selection methodology, the main criterium remains publishing/citation record. Btw, Daniel Kahneman is among the 80 unresponsive economists as well…

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