Tomorrow Keynes

Tomorrow I am lecturing on J. M. Keynes, suitably cushioned by discussion of the 1929 crash and the great depression. It won’t be difficult to make it timely.


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow Keynes

  1. I too am teaching Keynes, today in my Keynes seminar going over the financial crises of WWI and the Treasury providing liquidity, and tomorrow in a Hist Modern Econ class where we are to “do” the General Theory, focused on The State of Long Term Expectations. This as a couple of students are telling me they have lost their college funds over the past few days.

  2. Of course, the subject bites differently when college or pension funds sink in the troubled waters.
    I do not have Craufurd’s skill in making all of the history of economics topical and vivid, but I am experimenting to get there. So, currently I emphasize metaphors (Marshall scissors, Jevons balance, Fisher’s money vessels) and big operatic social and political events to give context (I show powerlooms, firing squads in the French revolution, a 5 billion mark banknote). It would be nice if one could shift seamlessly between the past as this odd, fantastic land, and the past as the present.

  3. Everybody seems to be looking back in history these days to find answers. This is the right moment to stand up as an historian, Tiago!

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