The desert of the virtual

The past of the world wide web is the barren province of “Server not Found.” There are some beginnings of web archives, aptly called, but once you stop paying the annual rental or you turn off your server, the record disappears into an error message.


I found another kind of past trace that although less frustrating is somewhat haunting. Looking for more information on the Wall Street Journal former economic editorial writer, and “Suply Side Economics ideologist”, Jude Wanniski, I found the website of his Polyconomics, Inc.


The website survives in neglect. The web design is ancient, the “news” items are over three years old, the highlighted “essays” of the deceased Wanniski are on show as if he was alive and unrelenting in his familiar advocacy. If you look close enough, and long enough, you will see tumbleweed pass through your screen. And yet, hidden bottom left corner, the flame is still bright. A price ticker reports the current trading on precious gold, silver and platinum, remembering Wanniski and friends’ conviction in the gold standard. Eerie stuff.


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