This year’s annual Amsterdam-Cachan workshop

Last Friday (December 7th) the annual one-day Amsterdam-Cachan workshop in the history of economics was held in Amsterdam. Like other years, approximately twenty people particpated, discussing such things as the Kuhn-Stigler relation (i.e. Stigler begging Kuhn to be friends with him); Sir William Temple’s late 17th century view of the Dutch, and Mandeville’s subsequent rebuttal of this then popular book; and Robbins. In fact, three out of six presentations were on Robbins, preparing for this weekend’s 75th anniversary celebration of Robbins’ Essay. Interestingly, the workshop took place at the Tinbergen Institute, the Netherlands’ foremost research school. Whoever said history of economics is out and risking to become extinct? This Friday it was an alive and kicking branch of economics.


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