The freaks

Everyone writes blogs, firemen, astronauts, and economists too. And as in most things in life, they differ in writing skill, design and audience.

I went to see who was ahead according to Technorati. This tool ranks subscribing blogs by the number of different blogs that have referenced/linked it in the past 6 months. As a baseline, know that our blog has zero links and ranks 8,911,336.

Blogs by economic journalists in such prestigious publications as the Wall Street Journal (#6,598) and the Economist (#8,395) rank below blogs of professional economists. The economic journalist of the Financial Times and Slate, Tim Harford, doesn’t do any better (#38,755). On the top 10K are economists: Dani Rodrik (#8,963), Mark Thoma (#3,962), and the elder statesmen Gary Becker and Richard Posner (#4,527). I guess Brad DeLong would be among these, if he had listed his blog in Technorati.

The top three econ-blogs are Greg Mankiw (#709), Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok (#629), and the freaks Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt (#233!!!). So the top blogs in economics, if the freaks with their varied fare can still be counted in, are written by authors of popular books and regular columns in the traditional media. Not very surprising really…

In case you want some more econ-blogs, check here.


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