The purpose of a blog

A prerequisite for academic quality is an environment of researchers that more or less conduct the same kind of research. The big difficulty that we (young) historians of economics often face is that we lack this appropriate academic environment. We can contact each other through e-mail, but cannot grab a coffee to discuss informally whatever it is we have on our minds. This blog partly aims to be this informal platform, but does it work? As yet, it seems it doesn’t, there’s no coffee discussion going on. Are people reluctant to put their quick remarks on the internet? Can a blog not be a substitute for face-to-face contact? Or is there simply no real urge to meet each other informally outside conferences and workshops?

2 thoughts on “The purpose of a blog

  1. I thought that the blog was referenced by major search engines: but it would seem that it is not the case (I copied and pasted some samples of posts – even the title of the blog- in a Google search, and The history of economics playground does not come up in the results). Then, it would mean that it is impossible to find it on the net if you don’t know its url.

    So I guess that a good step would be to reference it (guidelines for referencing are eg, here:

    Still, I do agree that among those who are already aware that the blog exists, apart from Tiago, the quantity of contributions is low! I guess it will evolve with time… I am personally very happy that this public space is open, and I am just waiting for an interesting subject to pop up, and share it on the blog! 🙂

    Best wishes to the crew!

  2. We are listed in google. What happens is that no-one has linked to this page, and google working as an academic research board and seeing no reference, disregards us, dumps us into the bottom of its lists, and its robots don’t visit that often.

    In the future, the blog will engage in controversy with other blogs and hopefully that will bring some cross-referencing. In the meantime, having our webpages link to the blog might help.

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