Teaching Our Profession

Currently I’m in the middle of teaching a compulsory master’s course in ‘economic methodology’ to students in international economics, accounting, and finance. This is a bit of challenge as I like to teach economic methodology (from a histrocial perspective of course) and think it is important for them, but at the same am aware of the fact that for students who are not specifically interested in history/methodology of economics sixteen weeks (yes, 16) of difficult philosophical texts which seem not directly related to everyday practice in, say, a consultancy firm does risks to appear as not very useful. I’ve solved this tension by using Kant’s famous sapere aude/dare to know quote and construct economic methodology as providing tools to pose and answer the questions one normally does not (dare to) pose. This seems to work, although students still find the texts a hard read and have difficulty posing meta-questions on their fields on interest. So I’m looking for ways to both maintain the texts and discussions on economic methodology, but at the same time make it more clearly a relevant course for the students. Is there anyone with experience on similar situations and/or with ideas on how to improve on the approach?

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