Klein on neoliberalism

To promote a book must be exhausting. The author, fresh-faced, smiling and clever, must fence questions from the media, from morning to evening, on radio, TV and print. For the public it isn’t easy either. After a week watching Alan Greenspan chatting his way from 60 minutes to the Daily Show, it is now Naomi Klein’s turn with The Shock Doctrine (next week: Paul Krugman).

On TV, Klein had to settle for C-SPAN, interviewed by New Republic‘s Frank Foer. The conversation was not thorough or deep, Foer was too anxious eye-balling the camera between sentences and attempting an insincere critical distance. But the interview was long, and one gets from it a sense of Klein’s argument, close even to a retelling of her book’s anecdotes and narrative chain.

Elsewhere, Klein’s book has been favorably reviewed by Joseph Stiglitz in the New York Times, but other major newspapers have still to give it attention. In Britain, Klein’s daily Guardian was impressed, but the weakly Guardian (i.e. Observer) was furious. The charting of opinion is as curious as the book itself.


One thought on “Klein on neoliberalism

  1. Yes, she’s everywhere. But what do you make of the book Tiago? From all the interviews and the reviews (no, I haven’t yet read it…) I get the impression it is the same old 1990s the-Washington-consensus-is-to-blame story again.

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